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Thoughts from Our Spiritual Leader for March 2017 - Vision for Unity Spiritual Center

Vision for Unity Spiritual Center of Clemson / Anderson  

My vision for this community is for it to become an even more thriving Spiritual Center, where individual seekers are supported emotionally, spiritually, and physically on their journey to Wholeness. Wholeness is defined as becoming “full in Spiritual Understanding.” Wholeness also implies being well in Mind, Body, and Spirit. Our desire as Leaders in this community is to embody the principles of Unity as demonstrated by the Master Teacher, Jesus, the Christ.

Thoughts from Our Spiritual Leader for January 2017

A New Year brings us an opportunity to start a fresh new beginning, energetically and spiritually.  Of course, there is nothing magic about the turn of the clock or a calendar; however, we have traditionally viewed January 1 each year as a demarcation between the old and the new. The one thing that never changes is the Spiritual Christ Consciousness within each of us, our Spiritual Self; however, what does change and grow is the “awareness” of our Spiritual Self.

November : Thoughts from Our Spiritual Leader ​

November is a month for practicing Gratitude, but  as we look around us, and see all the upsets in our world, how can we practice gratitude? Being grateful is not about being "happy" things are going well. Practicing gratitude is a "Spiritual Practice" that enlivens us and opens our hearts for expansion and personal growth. We can't serve others without growing ourselves, and we can't practice gratitude without demonstrating it in our beliefs and actions.

Thoughts on Transformation, from our Minister

Thoughts on Transformation, from our Minister

During October, we have been learning about transformation in our Sunday lessons.

Transformation in the context we are describing it, is about moving from one state of consciousness to a new one, one that is healthier and one that brings us closer to Spirit. Of course, we are always in a continuous transformation, physically, emotionally and spiritually. What we want is to become more aware of our transformation, to wake up, and to recognize Spirit working in and through us in a continuous process of our transformation.

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