Dowsing Workshop Presented by Phyllis Benfield, RM

Communicating and Healing with Your Guides and the Ancient Art of Dowsing

Presented by Phyllis Benfield, RM

Saturday, October 8, 2016

10:00am - 5:00pm (lunch on your own)

During this class you will meet your spirit guides and learn how to communicate with your special friends. You will explore communicating during meditation, dreaming, and other forms of communication such as pendulum dowsing. Dowsing is a technique whereby you communicate with your guides to determine correct answers. True answers. Pure answers. Your guides have no ego. They have no attachment to our world and all the muck we swim around in. Spirit guides know no time or space. Your guides know all past, present, and future of all; not just you, but all mankind and the universe. The connection and the information you receive is pure truth. Dowsing is merely a way to communicate. You ask questions or request actions. Your guides answer or, in the case of a request, moves to do your bidding. Remember always that you are in charge. Not the other way around.  Dowsing any project helps you to determine and eliminate the root cause of the issue. Not just the symptoms.

This class is offered on a love offering basis. Normal cost for this class is $140. Fee includes handouts and a certificate of completion.

For additional information, questions and to register for the class visit or contact Phyllis Benfield at 864-380-9318.