"Love in the Rain" by Jenny Bell

A small group gathers every Wednesday at 7pm here at Unity, and like most groups that pray, last week (9/6)  we prayed for all who had been or who would be impacted by the storms. Both Harvey and Irma.   We asked that as these disasters unfolded, that the Earth be imbued with love and light.  We prayed for safety and compassion for all who were affected, and envisioned the storm decreasing in size and strength, and gently uncurling as it headed toward the US.

I do not want to minimize anything that is being experienced.  Huge weather events are life changing and terrifying.  Lives are lost, property damaged, and a trail of trauma remains for years.  We are also reminded that there are forces bigger than we are.  We certainly feel small in the middle of the staggering winds.   However, as I look across the street a neighbor has 3 trees down.  One grazed the corner of his home as the top most leaves brushed by.  Another was blocked by huge shrubs and the trunk is suspended from falling into the front of the house.  Near my own yard an 80 foot hardwood tree fell exactly opposite my home and rested on the floor of an undeveloped lot.  No other trees are damaged around it.  If these  trees could have selected their own descent to minimize damage, they would not have fallen any differently.  I have seen dozens of similar near misses all around me.

A telethon for aide for many organizations aired last night.  A brief hour on National TV where celebrities and entertainers from all over the country collected funds for several  charitable organizations taking the lead in helping others.  Major benefactors stepped up to match funds donated.  This event occurred live simultaneously in New York, Nashville, and California.  When have you last seen such a public collective of compassion in the US ? 

Every disaster brings  an opportunity for an outpouring of love and support of others.  Let us, as a collective, do all we can to love one another and be grateful for the grace in all things.  These storms certainly demonstrate that we are not alone in any suffering.  We are surrounded by prayers, love and support of people we will never meet; and grace beyond anything we can truly understand in this lifetime.


Jenny Bell

Coordinator for Wednesday Evening Meetings at Unity Spiritual Center