November : Thoughts from Our Spiritual Leader ​

November is a month for practicing Gratitude, but  as we look around us, and see all the upsets in our world, how can we practice gratitude? Being grateful is not about being "happy" things are going well. Practicing gratitude is a "Spiritual Practice" that enlivens us and opens our hearts for expansion and personal growth. We can't serve others without growing ourselves, and we can't practice gratitude without demonstrating it in our beliefs and actions. As we begin our Spiritual practice of meditation, prayer, service to others or just smiling from your heart, we will elicit gratitude from our practice. Gratitude naturally arises when we let go of all our physical expectations and focus on our spiritual growth. The reason is simple: we learn that nothing is as satisfying and fulfilling as our spiritual growth, our relationship with Source (God).

So, begin this month to deepen your Spiritual Practice; begin anew to focus on Spirit, and "wear the world like a loose garment", because nothing you see is permanent. Only what you don't see is permanent, (ironic isn't it)?  Thank you for being a member in our spiritual community. Your participation in our services will grow you too! Love and blessings, John