Thoughts from Our Spiritual Leader for April 2017

We can certainly notice the appearance of Spring; it seems within a few days the trees thrust their leaves to the surface from their branches and the flowers began to bloom radiant colors of yellow, gold and purple. The surface of our Mother earth comes alive once again in springtime, and so do our creative juices flow through our veins and stir our imagination. 

We installed a New Board in March and now she is beginning to operate on all its cylinders. The first order we have undertaken was to retreat and work on a vision and mission process, which was facilitated by Charlotte, and lead by Spirit.  The process was rather remarkable as we meditated, prayed, and came together as One to create our new Vision: WE ARE A VIBRANT, SPIRITUAL CENTER, TRANSFORMING LIVES WITH LOVE AND COMPASSION. This means that our primary purpose is to assist individuals in the process of them awakening to their true nature, as spiritual beings, and living from that awareness. 

Next, we set off on a course to develop a Vision for our Spiritual Center. Here is what burst forth from the compilation of all who attended: WHEREVER YOU ARE ON LIFE'S JOURNEY, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE WHOLE, AND YOU ARE WELCOME HERE. In other words, we will accept you as you are without any pretense. No matter where you have been or what you have done, your soul is welcome at our Center to grow and evolve and for you to become whatever Spirit is calling forth from you! WELCOME HOME to Unity Spiritual Center! 

Rev. John C. Beerman