Thoughts from Our Spiritual Leader for February 2017

The month of February, usually holds many surprises for us spiritual seekers. February represents the beginning of the end of winter, and typically seekers have more spiritual breakthroughs during the month of February than in any other month of the year.

During the month of February, we have been studying and discussing the 12 powers, identified by Charles Fillmore in his book The 12 Powers. We also showed you a movie on the 12 Powers produced by Unity Minister, Rev. Ed Townley, and featuring James Twyman, The Peace Troubadour. The movie featured his journey to Syria where James prayed for peace and freedom from oppression, while looking over a village occupied by ISIS.  

Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of February, which provides us with an opportunity to look within and see the love growing in our hearts and minds.

February can also be a difficult month for some of us, as the holidays are over, the New Year has begun in earnest, and it’s generally cold and often overcast during the month of February. Sometimes the stark realities of financial obligations and relationship issues seem to surface in February.

I want you to know that we at Unity Spiritual Center of Clemson/Anderson are praying with you daily. Every morning, I start the day with a lengthy meditation and prayer, where I see each of you healthy, whole and manifesting your true spiritual self.  All of us who have committed to spiritual growth and unfoldment know that growth is not always smooth and easy. Somehow, during the month of February, this truth seems to manifest. Therefore, we have decided to double down on our commitment to spiritual unfoldment.

Our Prayer chaplains will be contacting you during the month of February to pray with you and to hold you in the light of God’s perfection. Spirit is showing us the way toward freedom through new birth. Each of our 12 powers are at your beckon call, to bring you into a higher state of consciousness and awareness. There is nothing else more important to us than your spiritual unfoldment. Begin each day with a prayer of gratitude for one of our 12 powers and begin to practice utilizing that power. Always remember, the Christ essence is within you and you are indeed a manifestation of eternal love.

Rev. John Beerman