Thoughts from Our Spiritual Leader for January 2017

A New Year brings us an opportunity to start a fresh new beginning, energetically and spiritually.  Of course, there is nothing magic about the turn of the clock or a calendar; however, we have traditionally viewed January 1 each year as a demarcation between the old and the new. The one thing that never changes is the Spiritual Christ Consciousness within each of us, our Spiritual Self; however, what does change and grow is the “awareness” of our Spiritual Self. As we become more aware of our True Nature, our Spiritual Self, life begins to “flow, as a stream to a river, and then a river to the great Ocean”.

This New Year I want to assist you, through prayer, meditation, and being committed to our Community, to reach the great Ocean, and discover Oneness. Please let me know how we can assist you in your spiritual journey.

Because of your spiritual efforts and financial support, we have made some big improvements here at Unity Spiritual Center.

  1. We have hired a Media Specialist, Keri, who will be managing the media and sound board for us on Sunday mornings. She is also our Church Administrative Assistant, and already doing a great job for us. Thank you, Keri, for stepping up to this job of producing vibrant, engaging, music and vocal media for our Spiritual Center.
  2. We have hired L.C. Branch as our Music Director. He will be with us on Sunday mornings, delivering inspirational and enlivening songs and instrumentals, so we can celebrate our growth and completion as spiritual beings. Thank you, L.C., for cradling our celebration services in positive, uplifting musical selections.
  3. We have re-created our Prayer Chaplain’s program. Under the direction of Charlotte and Donna, new Prayer Chaplains are being trained and developed. Beginning in March, all of our members will be receiving monthly spiritual prayer support. If you are in need of prayer in the meantime, please let one of us know. The Prayer Chaplain’s program is a cornerstone to this ministry. It requires time, dedication and energy on behalf of our trainers and chaplains. Please be open to the benefits of prayer in your lives.

Let’s allow this year to be the one where, come next Dec. 31st, you will say “Thank you Spirit for Unity of Clemson/ Anderson”. We exist to assist you in your spiritual growth and development. We LOVE You.

- Rev. John Beerman