Thoughts from Our Spiritual Leader for March 2017 - Vision for Unity Spiritual Center

Vision for Unity Spiritual Center of Clemson / Anderson  

My vision for this community is for it to become an even more thriving Spiritual Center, where individual seekers are supported emotionally, spiritually, and physically on their journey to Wholeness. Wholeness is defined as becoming “full in Spiritual Understanding.” Wholeness also implies being well in Mind, Body, and Spirit. Our desire as Leaders in this community is to embody the principles of Unity as demonstrated by the Master Teacher, Jesus, the Christ.

Although each individual has his or her own personal understanding of Spiritual Truth, we, nevertheless, come together, to learn, support, and teach each other by modeling healthy behaviors, emotions and ideas. We are willing to share with each other The Unity Way, which includes the principles of truth and prayer as taught by our Founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore.

We welcome any person, regardless of race, religion, ethnic background, or sexual preference who desires to learn and grow spiritually, and who desire our way of life. We have no dogma, or rules for membership, but we do desire individuals who are committed to spiritual growth and becoming all they were created to be. “Loving our neighbor as well as our self” is our underlying principle from which all communal decisions, actions, and policies flow.

Rev. John Beerman